Driving into Winter Sun – An Incident from December 2013.

IMG_2165Some things sometimes just sort of work by luck – don’t they? I was driving out of Goldsithney, a week or so ago, after visiting guitar maestro Adrian O’ Reilly, and on my way to see my old mate Clive in Penzance. The sun was shining directly into my face and, as I approached a narrowing of the road where the sign clearly indicated I should give priority to oncoming traffic, I saw a car positively hurtling towards me. I was in no danger but with the sun in my eyes and flaring on the smeared windscreen I was slightly concerned at the speed of the oncoming car. I put my hand up to shade my eyes from the sun and stopped my car. By then the offending car had drawn level with me.

Inside was a young woman who I thought at first glance to be around 25 or so. She was sitting in her car with the windows closed, screeching and making some very grotesque faces as she was gesticulating at me in an extremely furious manner and thrusting her index finger up pointing at the sign above me showing that she had the right of way then pointing this very same finger at me – to indicate it was me she was communicating with I presumed. To my puzzled mind it seemed she was clearly though possibly inappropriately angry about something and evidently not at all pleased with me either. I then realised she must have taken by my hand raising movements to shade my eyes from the glare of the low winter’s sun as a gesture indicating to her my criticism of her driving.

I sat quite still and quietly observed her as her fury remained undiminished while she gave full vent to her extremes of raging frustration. I had no plans to get involved in a shouting match with someone this heated, plus I was enjoying the spectacle, so I remained silent just staring intently at her, watching her wrath spill forth. Then, suddenly, I was surprised to feel the left hand lens of my plastic wrap-around sunglasses (the frames of which I’d cracked and therefore weakened some days previously) shift ever so slightly then simply fall out from the frame and down onto my lap. The woman immediately shut up and just stared in blank confusion as I stared back at her with one eye covered and the other not.

I quickly occurred to me that I had a perfect opportunity to indulge myself with a comedic moment. Keeping my head perfectly still and without any movement of my upper body whatsoever I kept eye contact with her and gave her a long slow salacious wink with my uncovered eye then blew her a kiss off my fingers. She was gobsmacked. Her rant was over, ceased, her mouth dropped open in stunned surprise then she sped off seemingly in total bewilderment.

Ah, the joys of everyday life, meeting folk, exchanging views and having fun!

Mic McCreadie


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