Ralph McTell & Others at The Folk Cottage at Mitchell 2015 Reunion Concert.

Great News!  Great News!  Great News!  Great News!  Great News!  Great News!  Great News!

The Folk Cottage at Mitchell, Reunion 2015 Full Length DVD is now available for sale.

DVD Sleeve #03Featuring performances from luminaries such as: John The Fish, Ralph McTell, Wizz Jones, Pete Berryman, Mick Bennett, Jonathon Xavier Coudrille, John P. Wood, Dave Deighton, The 4/5ths Jug Band, Jake Walton, Joe and Diane Partridge, Thorn & Roses, Bisquitry, (Mic McCreadie, Adrian O’Reilly and Dick Reynolds) and Stephen Hunt.

The Reunion Concert came to fruition on the afternoon of Monday 31st August 2015 and it was, without a shadow of doubt, a huge success.

Around mid morning, inside a huge marquee erected in the garden, a comprehensive, professional Sound System, with a live recording facility, was installed. Film Camera Manager, Marty Fitzpatrick also set up for a multi camera shoot. The earlier rain had stopped, then, as though bestowing goodwill on the venture, the sky cleared and the sun came out to shine down upon the beautiful surroundings and things slowly gathered pace. Invited guests began arriving, some of whom had travelled great distances just to be there to witness this historical musical event and what a delight the whole thing was!

The atmosphere was one of convivial harmony and happiness, aided and abetted by our hosts Robert & Lucy Brightley setting up a huge refectory table absolutely crammed with home baked cakes and assorted goodies with an unambiguous sign reading: ‘Help Yourself!’ Two large bowls of apples hand picked from their orchard flanked the entry to the massive marquee.

We were off to a flying start with a short introduction and his own poem: *“Toshering” from John The Fish. This was followed by a simply wonderful set, crammed with superb musicianship and deft humour, from Jonathon Xavier Coudrille. Jonathon’s amazing impromptu performance astonished one and all, especially his own song *“Burgers & Fries” and created a wonderful atmosphere that permeated the entire area! Sylvia Fletcher, Rowena Metters and Jinks Jenkins a.k.a. Thorn & Roses gave us a beautifully harmonic set, as they invariably do, including Harry Glasson’s *“Cornwall My Home.” Then a set from Dave Deighton accompanied by his wife Josie, playing some fancy self penned blues *“My Ship Went Sailing By” and ending with a rendition of Bob Dylan’s Girl From The North Country”.  Next we heard from John Philip Woods who’d cut his musical teeth in the original cottage. John song a song co-written with a friend: *“Wait For The Sun”. Now living in Oslo it was sheer chance that he was in the country just as the event was happening. Then it was the turn of The Four Fifths Jug Band, (Terry Broad, Alan Jewell and Kippy), and they soon had feet tapping with: *“Tim McGuire” as they filled the tent with their infectious music. One of the regulars from the early Folk Cottage days was Jake Walton and he, with Joe Partridge playing guitar accompaniment, brought  us back to earth with a few familiar songs of a sweet and sensitive nature i.e. * “Celtic Benediction”. Joe stayed on stage to accompany his sister Diana Johnstone who performed Leonard Cohen’s “Suzanne” and her own *“Spinning” and after this there was a ten minute interval so folk could mingle and have a good old chinwag and chat without affecting any musical performances. Then, interval over, the stage was given over to ‘Bisquitry’ who started off the second half of the concert with an eclectic set of songs including *“Columbus Stockade”. Folk Festival Fan and aficionado, Stephen Hunt was on next and sang some Gospel flavoured songs encouraging the audience to join in with him in: *“Hard Times Come again No More” and its rousing choruses which they did with relish! A true legend of British folk history then took to the stage in the form of Pete Berryman who played two of his own compositions: an instrumental medley and *“Red Paper Rose” before inviting yet another legend of the Folk Cottage, Mick Bennett, to come and join him.

The next two songs were superlative and though I suppose the last one; *“Smack Mary Anne”  might be described as slightly scurrilous, it was nevertheless immensely funny and had the listeners laughing with its lyrical content and curiously creative rhymes!

This brought us neatly to the highlight of the event; an appearance by Ralph McTell who gave us two wonderful songs: *“Hesitation Blues” and “The Girl From The Hiring Fair” then he left the stage after inviting Wizz Jones to come up and take his rightful place before the by now ecstatic crowd. Wizz also did two songs in his own highly inimitable style: *“The Glory Of Love” and one about a pigeon fancier! Wizz then brought Ralph back on to join him in finishing the proceedings with two more brilliant songs: Woody Guthrie’s “Deportees” and the foot-stomping *Honey Baby Blues”The 14 Songs marked * are those featured on the DVD.

It was a stunning musical climax to such an amazing, wonderful and absolutely beautiful afternoon. I’m truly glad to report that the full length DVD is unequivocal proof of all I report – and – it’s really pleasing to think that it’s all happening again this year too!

Will we see you there? Get in touch using the info below for details.

Through Facebook via Mic McCreadie page or directly through me by email: mic.4752@talktalk.net

The DVD can be purchased at **£10.00 per copy (with an additional £2.00 P&P by 1st Class Post if mailing is required).  Please make your cheque payable to me: Mic McCreadie and send it to:

86 Trehane Road,



TR14 7NU.

Alternatively, for a quicker turnaround, you can simply bank transfer the money to me via:

Account Number: 10532269

Sort Code: 11.01.32

Account Name: M. McCreadie.

Please remember to let me know via email (details above) if you make a Inter Bank Money Transfer and also to include your postal address and post code too. You can include any other contact info you like (i.e. email address or mobile number). As soon as I receive your cheque or transfer I’ll send your DVD (s).

** Profits after costs are deducted will be re-invested in future musical projects and DVD releases.


Mic McCreadie.



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